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You are providing services to your policy holders that have experienced bodily injury because of an accident at home, a car accident or you need to find a solution after a hospital stay.

  • Today, it takes ages to get the right available service provider. Then, customers & providers need to figure out their availabilities on their schedules which lengthens the amount of time for the service to be provided , up to a week on some occasion
  • Service quality follow-up remains challenging to put in place
  • Effectivity follow-up of the services appears to be impossible

Overcome the hurdles swiftly thanks to Ogustine (find the right available supplier close to your customers within seconds,  service & quality follow-up…)

Pros of Ogustine

A platform ready

to be rolled out & to be enriched

Suppliers carefully 
selected for their 
quality of services

Staff available in a blink of an eye when needed

Services available within a policy holder’s reach